Friday, January 24, 2014

Hazel Soan - 10-Minute Watercolors

 I just love this "little" (4 1/2"x3 1/4") book!   Hazel Soan is the author.
Hazel Soan is a well known UK artist who has authored a number of watercolor books.  She has made several videos on painting and done TV appearances in the UK.
The book is divided into three parts; materials, creative zone, and painting in practice.  The 192 pages are packed with wonderful techniques and tips.   It covers subject matter from landscapes and seascapes, to florals, animals, people and portraits and still life.

I purchased my copy as inspiration for teaching my watercolor class.

Below are a few of my renditions from the book.

I combined two of her images for the gondola man.  The oranges are my version of hers.
Both are postcard sized.
Here I added two of her figures to a tiny painting I did last year.  (ATC size)
Thank you, Hazel, for this gem.