Saturday, August 4, 2012

High Waters by Jane Albin

"High Waters"
                                          5"x7" Original Watercolor on 140# cold press paper

Today another Susquehanna River painting from a photo I took last spring.  This is from the St. Louis Street bridge.  It has been so humid and hot I have been hiding indoors.  Today, I went out to get the name of the garden I stood in last spring for yesterday's painting.  It is only four short blocks, not city blocks, away and I was dripping.
I wanted to do a summer plein air version but changed my mind....because of
the tiny snake that scared the crap out of me.

The garden plaque with the little snake in the lower left corner.

Big snake skin on the steps down to the water.
This and the poison ivy kept me up on the river bank.

Here is the view I might have painted from had the humidity been just a bit lower.
Yes I know...excuses , excuses.  

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